Staff bios, Sloane Vision Center

Karen Jill Rossi, Operations Manager

Rossi jokes that she’s done just about everything at the Center at one time or another: run lasers, worked in the operating room, worked with new patients, handled post-op work. A Triton College graduate, she’s a certified Ophthalmic Technician and has worked in laser vision correction since 1997. “It’s what I live, breathe, do everyday,” she says. One of the main advantages of being with Dr. Sloane, she says, is that he is always ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. “We take something that can be a little frightening and make it a great experience,” she says. “You don’t get a second chance to do something like this with your eyes.”

A world traveler, Rossi is a competitive ice skater, former model, and mother of two sets of twin girls!

Dr. Regina Schwan, Optometrist

Dr. Schwan joined the Sloane Vision Center team in April 2007. As an optometrist, Dr. Schwan has focused primarily treating diseases of the eye, and gained experience working with LASIK during a stint at Swagel Wooten in Arizona. Dr. Schwan is a member of the American Optometric Association, the Illinois Optometric Association, and volunteers for the Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind.

In her spare time, Dr. Schwan remains active by training for triathlons, playing volleyball, running, and traveling.

Jennifer Hatton, Ophthalmic Technician

As an ophthalmic technician Jennifer works directly with patients to obtain medical histories, administer diagnostic tests, measure and record vision, and test eye muscle function. In addition, she assists Sloane in all surgical procedures. Prior to joining Sloane Vision Center in 2007, Jennifer worked at the University of Illinois.

A mother of two and Scottish dance enthusiast, Jennifer holds an Associate’s Degree from Triton College.

On working at the Sloane Vision Center:
“The great thing here is that [the patient] sees [Dr. Sloane] each and every visit. He knows the patient by the time they go into surgery, what their background is and what their interests are. He takes everything about the patient into account.”

Snezhana Kalinin, Ophthalmic Technician

Snezhana holds an Associate’s Degree from Triton College. A member of the Sloane Vision Center team since 2006, Snezhana started off as a floor technician working her way into being a laser technician, working alongside Dr. Sloane in assisting with surgeries.

On working at Sloane Vision Center:
“Working for Dr. Sloane is great due to his great abilities as a doctor and a surgeon, always looking for the better technology out there that would benefit his patients” she says. What she loves best about working with Dr. Sloane is that he wants to meet all his patients personally before going further into the surgery process. “This is the kind of environment I love to work in and what makes me enjoy my job “

Valerie Cicolini, Ophthalmic Technician

Valerie joined the Sloane Vision Center in April 2001, but has been in general ophthalmology since 1980. One the biggest perks of working in refractive surgery, she says, is that you’re a part of something that is life changing for patients. “Before I made people see by giving them crutches,” she says. “Now they come in and have a big smile on their face and can go on vacation without glasses or solutions and I’m a part of that.”

On working at the Sloane Vision Center:
“Dr. Sloane is very warm and compassionate; people are usually intimidated by doctors, but he’s not like that.”

Joyce Wolter, Ophthalmic Technician

Joyce joined Sloane Vision Center in September of 2007. She is a certified Ophthalmic technician and has been in the field since 1996. “It’s a rewarding career when you have a chance to be part of something that can change someone’s life.”

On working at the Sloane Vision Center:
“I believe in this technology because I have seen amazing results since working with Dr. Sloane and the rest of the Sloane Team.” . “Dr. Sloane always takes the time to give the best care with cutting edge technology.”

This dedicated team of professionals is committed to assisting Chicago LASIK surgeon, Dr. Herman Sloane, provide exceptional patient care. They are proud to be one of the area’s vision correction facilities offering Custom LASIK, Crystalens and Z-Lasik in Chicago.