Read on to find out what a handful of Sloane Vision Center patients had to say about their experiences with laser vision correction.

Becky, Customer Service Representative
The staff at Sloane Vision Center is very informative. After only 24 hours I am amazed at the results of my laser vision surgery. I am going to recommend this procedure to my family and friends.

Paul, Sales Executive
My experience was very positive.The staff was helpful, informative, and patient with me. The laser vision correction procedure/process went as described. 24 hours later, I’m seeing as well without my glasses as I was with them.

Ted, Dockman/Spotter
Great experience! No pain. Best thing to do is just relax. It’s over before you know it. It’s best to just sleep afterward, use the drops, and keep the eyes moist. Enjoy the next day! –

Jennifer, Jennifer, Self-Employed
The staff made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. All of my questions were answered in detail. My overall experience with LASIK and laser vision correction was wonderful!

Michael, Electrician
I’ve found that the entire staff at the Sloane Vision Center treated me very well and showed concern for everything I was experiencing. Dr. Sloane and the staff were made certain that I was comfortable with the entire laser vision correction procedure. I will recommend his office to anyone I speak to.

Michael, Carpenter
The vision procedure itself was less painful than I anticipated. The staff was very helpful, courteous, and friendly. I could easily recommend this to my family members.

Sany, Production Coordinator
Totally painless and amazing results in less than 24 hours. Better vision the first day after the procedure than I had with my contacts. They’re the nicest people to work with. Dr. Sloane is very professional and I felt very comfortable with him (and his staff) working with my eyes. I would recommend him to anyone who needs LASIK.

Andre, Electronics Engineer
My consultation (first visit) with your staff was excellent. All the questions and concerns that I had were addressed. The procedure itself was painless and only slightly uncomfortable. Within 10 minutes of procedure I felt great. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend this to anyone who wants LASIK. Thank you very much for your warm and professional attitude and experience.

Cindy, Computer Consultant
Throughout the entire process-from my initial visit through post-op check-ups the Sloane Vision Center team has been extremely professional, as well as having a caring, patient attitude toward all of my concerns. Every employee demonstrated these characteristics. I was aware of everything that would take place the day of the laser vision correction procedure and questions were always encouraged. I was also impressed to receive a follow up telephone call at home (on Friday evening, no less) to check on how I was doing. Overall it was a wonderful experience, which is strange to say for an operation.

Scott, Retail Management
When I first came to Dr. Sloane I had been led to believe by my regular eye doctor that I wasn’t a candidate for the LASIK procedure. I found out through consultation with Dr. Sloane, and his staff, that I was. Dr. Sloane and his staff have always been very polite, courteous, and supportive. Just one day after the procedure my vision is better than it was with my eyeglasses. I couldn’t possibly be more satisfied. A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Sloane and his staff.

Jacqueline, Mother of Three?
I was anxious about the procedure but the staff and Dr. Sloane put me at ease. The procedure was fast and I was very comfortable. The next day was great, my eyes felt good, and I could see. I drove to my appointment, and I could easily take care of my children.

Kel, Money Manager
I thought the entire experience was excellent. The staff and Dr. Sloane were excellent at describing the laser vision correction procedure and what to expect, as well as being making sure I was comfortable during the process.

Robert, Restaurant Services
Dr. Sloane is a great surgeon. I went and checked a lot of other vision correction places and none could compare to the knowledge and friendliness of this staff. The process was completely painless and fast. I recommended Sloane Vision Center to all my friends and family.

Mary, Registered Nurse
I am a nurse and was very apprehensive coming into this, but everyone here has been extremely considerate and kind. I not only have perfect vision but actually enjoy coming here. The procedure itself was a breeze and everyone made me feel informed and secure. I sing your praises to anyone who will listen. Thank you so much!

Bill, Sr. Vice President, McDonald’s Corporation
The entire procedure was absolutely, positively First Class . The team clearly under promised and over delivered. I’m most pleased with my new vision (22-? hours after the procedure). I will certainly help promote your business. Thanks again for helping me!

John, Building Engineer
The LASIK procedure was painless and worth the wait. I have a lot of faith in Dr. Sloane and his staff. All lasers are not created equal. I was able to read a newspaper four hours after the procedure. Thanks again for a life without glasses.

Bill, Electrician
At every step through the interview, information calls, and the day of the procedure the entire staff went to great lengths to be patient, personable, and, best of all, informative. I have never been treated with such personal care anywhere. The call last night from Dr. Sloane to be sure all was well, was greatly appreciated. Best of all was the constant flow of information, describing each step as it came up. Thanks to all.