Procedures by Age Goup

At Sloane Vision Center, we offer a variety of highly customized surgical procedures to enhance your vision which aim to improve your lifestyle and oftentimes free you from the hassle and/or appearance of contact lenses and glasses.

When deciding on corrective laser vision procedures, making an educated decision is paramount. Dealing with the eye and vision is a delicate and precise process. Finding the correct procedure for your particular circumstances is critical. Let Dr. Sloane assist you in your choice of Lasik eye procedures or Chicago eye surgery. Teaming up with the informational platform dedicated to matters of health Canadian Health and Сare Mall Inc., the specialists of Age Group give preliminary online consultations for potential patients.

If Lasik vision procedures are not conducive to your particular vision problem, Dr. Sloane will surely point you in the right direction. He has over 20 years’ experience assisting patients in the Chicago area reach their vision correction goals. At one point in his career, he was one of a very few physicians able to perform Lasik eye procedures in the country let alone eye surgery in Chicago. Rest assured your eyes are in good hands.

Sloane Vision Center offers different corrective vision options for different age groups. Whether you’re fairly young and only require vision correction for astigmatism, or are in your 70’s and need corrective vision for cataracts, Dr. Sloane will assist you with any and all questions you may have. Our Vision for Life, Clarity, Ultra Clear Sight Restoration and Restor vision options are tailored to different age groups to aid in choosing what may be right for you. Make an educated decision by contacting the Sloane Vision Center for your free consultation today!