Chicago Epi-LASIK – Dr. Sloane

Epi-LASIK is one of the newest laser vision correction procedures on the market today. With its combination of high safety measures and sophisticated procedure, it is quickly becoming the laser treatment in demand.

With Epi-LASIK, a specially designed instrument gently separates the epithelium from the underlying corneal layer and creates a thin corneal epithelium. The epithelium is not cut and no alcohol is applied to its surface.

After the epithelial layer is removed, the Excimer Laser is then applied to reshape the cornea and correct your vision. Once the Excimer Laser procedure is complete, the epithelial flap returns to its natural position.

Epi-LASIK is especially suitable for patients with thin corneas who might not otherwise be candidates for traditional LASIK in Chicago.

The major advantage of Epi-LASIK is that it avoids complications associated with creating a conventional LASIK flap, such as an incomplete flap, an irregular flap, or abrasions. Epi-LASIK also has a gentler healing process than artificial flaps. Typically, Epi-LASIK flaps fit more naturally in the patient’s eye and could heal in just three days compared to a week or more with PRK. While the visual recovery for Epi-LASIK is slower than that typically observed with traditional LASIK. For many the additional safety of the Epi-LASIK procedure outweighs the somewhat slower visual recovery.

If you are considering vision correction, contact us for a free Epi-LASIK consultation. Dr. Sloane will examine your vision, discuss your goals, and explain to you the various procedures you may choose from, and help you decide which laser eye surgery procedure will work best for you.

Dr. Sloane is committed to staying abreast of the latest vision correction technologies and techniques. He offers a variety of treatments, including Custom LASIK, Crystalens, and Z-Lasik in Chicago.