Dr. Herman Sloane has years of experience helping patients seeking LASIK in Chicago. His dedication to providing exemplary patient care in a safe, comfortable environment has resulted in many of his new patients being referrals. To learn more about LASIK, please read the information below.

The excimer laser is the device that physically corrects your prescription during surgery. Because laser vision correction is based on the microscopic removal of corneal tissue at the molecular level, it is impossible to achieve this type of accuracy manually. No other device has provided patients the opportunity to reduce or eliminate their dependency on glasses and contacts. Although many people perceive all laser technology to be the same, there are vast differences from one laser to another. One question that should be raised prior to your surgery: Is this technology the latest in laser vision correction?

The Allegretto WaveT stands as one of the most innovative and revolutionary laser platforms available today. It utilizes a technology the WaveLightŪ company helped establish called WavefrontT. The development of this technology allowed a virtual map of the cornea to be created and used to guide the laser in performing customized vision correction. WavefrontT mapping improved upon the quality of vision that could be achieved because it enabled surgeons to identify and treat unique corneal irregularities that would have been impossible to detect with previous methods. This accomplishment spurred ophthalmologists to begin contemplating taking vision beyond the conventional bounds of 20/20.

In addition to being a highly sought after LASIK surgeon, Dr. Herman Sloane also offers Z-Lasik, Crystalens to correct presbyopia and Custom LASIK.